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When President Kennedy signed Executive Order 10988 in 1962, giving public workers the right to organize, I doubt if he visualized the monster that it would create, although he did view the new union as a necessary major financial supporter of the Democrat party.

In 1937, President Roosevelt — one of the first progressives — called strikes by public employees “intolerable and unthinkable,” and said they would be nothing less than an intent on their part to obstruct the operation of government.

Actually, unions at that time were tolerable, but they have since been infiltrated with bosses who view the dues-paying members as their personal ATMs. Coupled with their lapdog Democrats, union bosses don’t worry about profits because there are no profits in government. Democratic politicians spend taxpayer money on the unions, who then work and vote to keep them in office.

Wisconsin voters took the first step in controlling public unions by defeating the union/Democratic party- sponsored recall of Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin. One of Walker’s primary aims was to eliminate the common union-induced practice of having the state deduct dues money from members’ paychecks and send the money directly to union treasuries at taxpayers’ expense. In practice, public employee unions are a mechanism for the involuntary transfer of taxpayers’ money to the Democratic Party.

An interesting part of the Wisconsin election is that when union members were given the option of voluntarily paying their dues, 50 percent of the municipal employees declined and 6,000 teachers dropped from the rosters.

Had the union effort prevailed, it would also have established a precedent for future special interest groups — if a legally elected public official doesn’t meet your demands, you simply initiate a recall election against him.

Union power has long been held in control by market forces. Union-controlled companies that give too much in pay and benefits soon go out of business, and their members are relegated to unemployment. Kennedy noted that unions composed of government employees completely eliminated the ability of market forces to temper their power, because they were not controlled by the demands of consumers. Unions then discovered that they could control generations of political systems by controlling a major political party with their donations.

A government union converts the public servant into the public’s master.

A major example of the unions’ power is in public education. Democrats largely control the areas plagued by the worst schools in the country — the inner city schools of America. It’s never about the kids. It’s about the power, perks and profligacy of the unions. If politicians were truly interested in doing whatever is necessary to better the schools, promoting voucher plans and charter schools would seem to be at the top of the list — but it is the last thing they will consider. They are primarily concerned with the financial support of the teachers’ unions that are against change.

It’s not always Democrats. Republican legislators in Pennsylvania also are caving to teachers’ unions.

Walker doesn’t have the oratorical skills of President Barack Obama, but apparently he doesn’t need them. He told Wisconsin voters how he was going to begin solving their state’s financial problems by controlling unions without enlarging government and raising taxes, and they believed him. In contrast, Obama recently stated that one of the economy’s major problems is that “local and state government hiring has been going in the wrong direction,” meaning declining.

Columnist Charles Krauthammer recently stated that the failed Wisconsin recall will be remembered as the beginning of the long decline of the public-sector union. He said that “an institution founded to protect its members grew in size, wealth, power and arrogance, thanks to decades of symbiotic deals with bought politicians.”

He had no thoughts on the ultimate fate of the lapdogs.

via Union power presents serious issues | The News-Messenger | thenews-messenger.com.

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