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Jurupa Valley won’t fail

I’m the mayor of Jurupa Valley, and despite what your photo of me suggests, I’m not smiling about the “last resort” possibility of disincorporation (“Cities say they’re not going bankrupt,” July 21).

Jurupa Valley’s revenue loss, as well as that of Menifee, Wildomar and Eastvale, is far different from that of the cities claiming, or about to claim, bankruptcy.

As California’s newest city, Jurupa Valley has not made poor financial decisions, accumulated underfunded pension liabilities, or spent beyond our means.

Our revenues were wiped away by SB 89, which was signed into law just days before we incorporated on July 1, 2011. It diverted millions of dollars from motor vehicle license fees from cities formed after 2004 — in our case, we lost $6.7 million in our first year, or about 47 percent of our general fund. And the losses continue.

But bankruptcy is not an option and, in my opinion, neither is disincorporation. Jurupa Valley has no intention of failing. We are doing everything in our power to recover the revenues which were lost through no fault of our own.

Laura Roughton

Mayor of Jurupa Valley

via Your Views, Aug. 1 | Breaking News | – Press-Enterprise.

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