Corbett: No Will For Right-To-Work Fight In PA « CBS Philly

(Credit: Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG (CBS) – Despite a Republican governor and GOP majorities in the legislature, it does not appear a battle over “right-to-work” legislation will be coming to Pennsylvania anytime soon.

First, it was Wisconsin, and now Michigan enacting legislation that prohibits the requirement of union membership or paying of union dues as a condition of employment.

But in Pennsylvania, Republican Governor Tom Corbett, who appeared on WPHT with Dom Giordano this past week, said again that right-to-work legislation is not a priority. One reason, he says, is that he doesn’t see much of an appetite for it.

“There is not much of a movement to do it. And a lot if has to do with politics at the local level, at the county level and at the state level. And until I see a strong will to get legislation passed, we have a lot of other things we have to get passed.”

The governor may end up doing battle with state worker unions over another issue much higher on his agenda: pension reform.

via Corbett: No Will For Right-To-Work Fight In PA « CBS Philly.

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