County, union approve new contract

County, union approve new contract


The Register-Guard

Published: Friday, Dec 21, 2012 12:52PM

Lane County’s parole and probation officers have approved a new union contract that will give them modest wage increases over the next three years.

The pact with the Federation of Parole and Probation Officers was approved by the Board of County Commissioner in a special meeting Friday. Commissioners first met in executive (nonpublic) session to discuss the contract and then approved it in open session without debate.

The contract provides no wage increase in the first year of the contract, a 1 percent raise in the second year and a 1.5 percent raise in the third year. It also gives a one-time payment of $750 and increases the raises that are given when officers gain higher levels of certification.

The union also agreed to accept new health care plans that are less expensive for the county. That brings all county unions under the new plans.

Workers have a choice of a plan that requires copays for most services or one with a high deductible amount that’s paired with a county contribution to a health savings account. With all unions now on the two plans, the county estimates that it will save $5.8 million in benefit costs over the length of the current contracts.

via County, union approve new contract.

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