Taxpayers’ reimbursement of senators shows wide range |

DFL state Sen. Keith Langseth collected $36,339 in state-paid living expenses this year, the most of any state senator.

Republican Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen took in $33,821, the most of any Republican senator. That includes $7,743 in mileage reimbursement for the Alexandria senator.

The final list of taxpayer paid expenses for 2012 shows a wide range of reimbursements for Minnesota senators, with most members collecting thousands of dollars for meals, mileage and lodging while they are in St. Paul.

Republican Sen. Roger Chamberlain collected just $360, which was only for his communication costs. He collected no other money for food, lodging or mileage.

Most of the senators who collected higher mileage checks live in the far reaches of the state or serve on committees that require them to drive to faraway meetings.

Langseth, a cattle ranger in Glyndon who traveled as part of his role on the Capital Investment Committee, got $10,419 in mileage, the most of any senator.

More than a dozen senators were not reimbursed for any mileage.

Ten senators took taxpayer-funded trips.

Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem, R-Rochester, spent the most on travel, $1,040. Sen. Doug Magnus, R-Slayton, was reimbursed for $9 in travel.

Here’s the complete 2012 list below:

via Taxpayers’ reimbursement of senators shows wide range |

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