Response strong to Fouts’ anti-right-to-work stickers – The Daily Tribune

AR-130109795Warren Mayor Jim Fouts holds up his anti-right-to-work bumper sticker.

Warren Mayor James Fouts said Thursday that requests for some of his free bumper stickers criticizing Michigan’s new right-to-work law is so unexpectedly high, he has ordered another 2,000.

Fouts said he and his clerical staff have received phone calls and emails from people in several states, including California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Montana, Vermont and Minnesota.

“It’s ringing pretty consistently,” said Fouts, adding that several like-minded right-to-work opponents have stopped by his City Hall office following widespread media reports that he offered 500 stickers.

The blue and white stickers state: “Right-To-Work means lower wages & benefits.”

“I’m getting some union people calling up. One union wants a box of stickers,” he said.

The stickers have triggered political inquiries, as well.

On Wednesday, the city’s legal department received a request under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act from Matt Frendewey, communications director for the Michigan Republican Party, for any document showing “the cost to report and mail” Fouts’ stickers.

via Response strong to Fouts’ anti-right-to-work stickers – The Daily Tribune.

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