LETTER: Gov. Walker’s stance on ‘right to work’ legislation remains to be proven : Jackson County Chronicle

Gov. Scott Walker claims to want his last two years to be less divisive than his first two years. Almost anything is possible, but it starts with his actions.

When Walker spoke with Diane Hendricks in response to her wanting to make Wisconsin a “Right to Work” state, he said he had a plan. He would divide and conquer the working families of Wisconsin by first going after public-sector working families. Hendricks gave Walker $510,000.

RTW legislation ends unions by ending union power to require workers to pay dues. Once the unions are out, workers’ wages and benefits usually decline, according to Media Matters. Hendricks and others would have cheaper RTW labor. Walker ran his plan to divide and conquer and got rid of public sector unions. The state is divided with Walker’s appointees ruling state agencies. Many workers left public jobs and more want to leave.

Walker said he is not interested in signing RTW legislation. That remains to be proven. There are gerrymandered Tea Party senators and assemblymen. They want cheap labor and a low minimum wages. The irony of Hendricks is she is worth $2.9 billion, according to Forbes. It would take a person making $100,000 a year for 29,000 years to make that much. How much money is enough for her? How cheaply do Hendricks, her governor and her legislators want Wisconsin families to live? If Gov. Walker wants a strong, undivided Wisconsin, he has the ball for two more years.

LETTER: Gov. Walker’s stance on ‘right to work’ legislation remains to be proven : Jackson County Chronicle.

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