Sheriff’s office employee files grievance – Police/Fire/Courts

Posted: Friday, February 22, 2013 1:00 pm

By Kristen Doerschner | 5 comments

BEAVER — An employee in the Beaver County Sheriff’s office has filed a grievance with the union that represents the clerks.

Al Smith, the union representative for the SEIU Local 668, confirmed in an email the union filed a grievance on behalf of clerk Stephanie Guidice for unjust discipline. Smith said Guidice was “removed from her long-standing position in the sheriff’s office without due process.”

The Times was unable to contact Smith for further comment.

Guidice was called to testify at a Jan. 31 preliminary hearing against Larry A. Hicks, 53, of 59 Pulaski Homes, Pulaski Township, after Hicks was charged by county detectives for carrying a firearms without a license. Guidice — who worked for 17 years for the sheriff’s department issuing concealed carry permits and processing permit denials and revocations — testified regarding the attempt to revoke Hicks’ concealed carry permit after he was arrested Jan. 17.

Sometime after the hearing, Guidice was moved to another position in the office though it is unclear if the move was a direct result of her testimony at the hearing.

Hicks was subsequently charged with lying on his application when he applied for a concealed carry permit in May 2010. He cleared the state police background check due to a flaw in the system where previous convictions against Hicks from 1989 and 1992 were not entered into the system, District Attorney Anthony Berosh said.

via Sheriff’s office employee files grievance – Police/Fire/Courts.

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