City upholds officer’s firing | Salisbury Post

SALISBURY — Salisbury City Manager Doug Paris found former police officer Kenny Lane was appropriately dismissed from the department following disciplinary actions in 2011 and 2012.

Lane said he was fired after bringing to light possible safety concerns during a Taser training session last August. The 22-year police veteran filed a grievance against the city earlier this year.

In a press release Friday, Paris said Lane was insubordinate during the mandatory Taser training and was asked to leave. He also said coworkers of Lane told investigators the former officer called one of his superiors a “stupid b****.”

“Your attempt to frame your termination publicly as resulting from you expressing safety concerns is not accurate or truthful,” Paris wrote in the decision.

“ … I find your recent violations warrant the action taken.”

Lane told the Post in January his firing came after months of tense relations between him and his superiors.

He could not immediately be reached for comment today.

via City upholds officer’s firing | Salisbury Post.

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